Thursday, December 4, 2008

My beautiful boys

I couldn't resist sharing some photos of my gorgeous boys....

Gingerbread House

For Christmas this year my Mum took me to a Gingerbread House Making Afternoon at her church.

We had a great time! We were all given our kit of precut gingerbread, bag of icing, and a HUGE array of lollies, then we were let loose.

Jack keeps calling it Mum's cake. He is going to love eating it! Matter of fact, so will Mum!!

Christmas time!!

These photos show an array of things I have made over the last couple of weeks, all taught to me by my friend Gloria from Patchwork. Each week she has brought me in things to do including all the materials I have needed. It's been great fun and now I'm ready for Christmas!!

Sew much to do, sew little time!

I have been a very busy girl trying to get all my sewing and Christmas chores done before my Carpal Tunnel Release surgery tomorrow. I have finished everything I wanted to done plus more......

I made 2 of these quilts (one without the yellow border) for friends to give as gifts. I machine quilted them around the outlines and machine quilted paw prints around the border.

My friends were really pleased.

This is my "Creative Challenge" organised by a girl in the craft forum. I wasn't going to replicate my picture but I loved the textures so I decided to try to re-create it in fabric.

I found the fabrics at a quilt store in Camden. The yellow was just the colour I was looking for - it is warm and creamy just like cookie dough. I fell in love with the green, it is beautiful!

I'm quite happy with it. It looks lovely hanging above my window in my bedroom. Yummy!!

This photo shows some of the detail. I used colonial knots to give the appearance of flour, put batting under the "dough" fabric to give the right thickness, and added buttons as cookie decorations to give even more texture.

I purposely kept the edges raw to add to the "unfinished" feel of the dough before it is baked.