Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hubby's craft

I know that this blog is about my crafts and is mostly quilting related, but I'm so proud of my hubby and the work he has done landscaping his slot car set that I had to share it. I know the photos aren't great but they still give you an idea.

Monday, October 27, 2008

I-Spy squares

I bought a pack of I-spy squares at a quilt show in Springwood, and my lovely friend Stephanie invited me to go through her stash to add to them. Last night I cut the pieces into squares and there were 37!!

Thanks Stephanie!!

Fabric Baskets

The Craft Forum girls discovered these fabric baskets and the things are now popping up everywhere! No wonder, they are so easy to make but very cute too. I'm giving the Xmas ones as gifts filled with home-made bikkies, and the green one is for my sewing table to hold my threads and cut off bits.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hubby's quilt

It's done!!!! I finished the last of the quilting on Saturday!!

So here it is, my hubby's 40th birthday quilt. I'm really proud of it. It is the largest quilt I have ever made (queen bed size). The coloured centre and strip are all tied rather than quilted. The thin dark border has 2 rows of quilting, and the large strip 4 (as you can see). The only thing left is the label which I will put on closer to his birthday in January.

Now I'm onto 2 panel cot quilts that I am making for some friends as well as some fabric baskets for Xmas. More photos soon........

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Block Keeper

This is a block keeper that I made to hold my Acorn Gatherers blocks. It is approx 16" x 16" when closed. The material I used I had picked up for $10 for a metre cut and just loved it. I didn't want to cut it up and lose the print so this is a perfect way to use it. The inside has wadding "sleeves" so that it is a bit like a fabric photo album.

Caring Hearts

Thanks to all my beautiful friends from the Craft Forum for sending me these caring hearts. I was feeling very down and they certainly made me feel much better once I opened them. I have decided to incorporate them into my Acorn Gatherers quilt since they are all red.

Thanks again girls, you are all wonderful.

Jack having fun playing with Mum's pins and things...... It might keep things messy but he has such a great time!

This beautiful day-lily is in our front garden. We have up to 3 open at once. They make me smile!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hubby's quilt

I have been working on a quilt for hubby's 40th birthday in January and am doing the last of the hand-quilting at the moment. I am now getting 5 stitches on a size 10 needle!! I am very excited as it's a big achievement for me! Now to keep practising...I can sometimes get 6........imagine 7!!!!!

Acorn Gatherers

Yet another block for my Acorn Gatherers quilt where I swap 12 1/2" blocks with different people. I sent a stamp basket block to Shopperdeb and received the "My Family" block. I think it is perfect!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Be Creative Challenge

Lovely Sam from the Craft Forum has come up with a great idea where we each receive a picture and a colour and use these to create "something". I have bought some fabric but I'm not sure just what I'm going to make yet. I'm letting the creative juices flow for a little while first.

Sam has chosen some fabulous pictures. Mine is very apt as I have been doing a bit of baking lately, and my colour is yellow. It is a very exciting challenge!