Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Work Space

This is my work space. I set it up when I moved my youngest and his cot from my room to his brother's room. I actually have a bigger table now, a dining table so I can spread out even more. I decided to use my bubs' change table as
storage because I knew no-one else wanted it, I already bought it second hand and it has good shelves and the height is perfect for rotary cutting (for me at 5ft it is anyway). It holds my stash, my dress patterns, some wadding, cross stitch and stitchery kits, and in the bath I keep baking paper, quilt basting spray and pellon - things I don't need often.

I keep the ironing board up on the other side of the desk and everything is always ready to go. Hubby has even planted roses outside the window for me!


Tozz said...

I love your workspace. Lucky you!! and what a good idea with the change table. Might have to find one now and do that for me. I loved looking at your blog and will add you to mine as a favourite to visit. Great stuff Voni :)

princess pudge said...

what a great use for that change table, i have an old baby bath and stand that you've now got me thinking about ;)

Derriere said...

wow neat idea on the change table !
you've given me inspiration looking for things to store my junk in!
great stuff !